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Hi guys. Nice to meet you, even if only through my writing on this blog. Ohh yeah, thank you for taking the time to read my writing. I hope we will get inspiration and enthusiasm to achieve our respective dreams.
Previously, I would introduce myself. My name is Kartika Sari, you can call me Tika. I am the second daughter of my parents, Fahruddin and Siti Juniah. I also have two sisters, they name are Novalia Rahmawati and Desy Marlina, I also  have a younger brother, his name is Muhammad Arif Ridha. They are very influential people in my life, because they always guide and support me in achieving my dreams.
         Now, I will explain a little about my dream and how I told my story while participating in the SEA Teacher Batch 7 program in the Philippines, more precisely at the Tarlac Agricultural University in January-Februri 2019.
Where do we start?
Okay. I will start from my dream who wants to be an elementary school teacher like my Mom. This is my biggest reason for choosing the test for the Elementary Teacher Education program at Lambung Mangkurat University. I hope that one day I will become a professional teacher in the field of education, who can educate my nation, and can advance the welfare of the people of Indonesia. Because I am sure, the progress of a nation will be influenced by the quality of its education, the quality of education will be influenced by the teacher.

This is my university, Lambung Mangkurat
For this reason, I hope that I can become a superior student who has the provision and good experience to prepare for the progress of my nation. For this reason, I try to take part in the overseas student exchange program SEA Teacher Batch 7. This program is my dream of a long time ago, because I had the desire to try new things and be challenging for me and related to the education program that I lived. And finally, I had the opportunity to take part in the SEA Teacher Batch 7. My placement was at the Tarlac Agricultural University (TAU), and the school where my practice teaching was Malacampa Elementary School. I am very happy because I was given the opportunity to learn a lot here. My hope is that I and my friends will become professional teachers who can teach both domestically and abroad well. I feel very grateful for being given this opportunity and I am determined to take advantage of this opportunity to learn as well as possible.
The SEA Teacher Batch 7 program at Tarlac Agricultural University was held on 12 January to 10 February 2019. The participants from two different countries, we have 19 people from Indonesia and 2 people from Thailand. Indonesian students who follow the program at the TAU campus are from universities, cities, islands, tribes, and even different cultures. However, this is what made us realize how much wealth of the Indonesian people possess through cultural exchanges within nations and between nations. The Indonesian students from Lambung Mangkurat University are 3 people. We are me, Raudatul Jannah, and Rabiatul Marliana. We were very fortunate to be placed in the same room, along with two Indonesian students from Padang University, namely Vika Meirian Putri and Aisha Azalia. The five of us feel the warmth of family here. Many things make me can’t move on from this program. One of them is a sense of family from my roomate that I love them so much. And how kind of

friends from the Philippines, Thailand and friends from Indonesia, of course. I'll tell you later

about my story with them. Come on, read it again.
They are my roomate. Janah, Lia, Vika and Aisha
OK. I will tell you the beginning of my trip abroad with two of my friends. The three of us experienced the first experience abroad. This makes us more careful and take care of each other. Our departure schedule starts on January 12, 2019. Departing from Syamsuddin Noor airport in Banjarmasin, we continue our journey to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), this is just our transit airport to Manila. After that we proceeded to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). After a long journey we arrived at the dorm, which is lodging on the Tarlac Agricultural University campus. And we feel very happy to be placed in one room with Aisha and Vika who are students from Padang University. The days we live together. From studying together, doing work together, even cooking and eating together.
As for the activities during this program, we have to take part in the opening event on January 14, 2019. The next day, on January 15, we are scheduled to attend the Tagalog language class and carry out an online English proficiency test. The schedule for school starts on January 16 to carry out observations and initial visits before implementing teaching practice. The observations were held two times, on the 16th and 18th of January 2018. And on 17th January we went along as well as visits to government offices. Namely the regent's office, the governor's office, and the office of the secretary general. And another bonus we went to Tarlac Supermarket Mall to shop. Of course we use our personal money, hehe.
Every Saturday, we travel cultural to visit the privileged places here. As for our first Saturday here, we visited Nayong Filipino. Nayong Filipino is one of the cultural sights in the Philippines. There are typical Filipino buildings, traditional houses, old cathedral churches, and offerings of traditional dances. By the way, the country of the Philippines was colonized by the Spaniards. So naturally, if we feel the culture that exists in the Philippines, there are at least a few conflicts with the Spanish people. This assimilation gave birth to the dance, clothing and life style of the Philippine people towards the nation. As for the second week we visited Sitio Kalo. Sitio Kalo is a forest belonging to the Tarlac Agricultural University campus, where agricultural students conduct practicum and study. And the third week we visited to La Union, more precisely the vineyard and Stone Hand. This place is very beautiful and it's a pity to miss it. For that we are very enthusiastic to take photos from various beautiful angles in this place. We are very happy to be able to visit this place. Because we can learn a lot about this nation.
The schedule for every Sunday is market day. So we were given the opportunity to shop for necessities for a week. If we want to go out to buy something, we must be accompanied by a buddy, students who are given the mandate to accompany and help us. They were very helpful during this program because they always accompanied, helped, entertained, and sometimes they even slept in our room. We feel very happy to meet and socialize with people in this country. They are very friendly, humble and kind to us. If we want go to market or some place, the buddies always accompany and guide to us, they are also explain about culture of Philipphine, tagalog leangue, and sometimes we exchange vocabulary of tagalog, english and bahasa. It’s so funny, and make us understand about the different can make we rich in culture.
Let me explain the essence of this program, it’s about teaching. The aim of this program is to establish professional teacher candidates who can teach both at our country and abroad. For that, we were given the opportunity to hone our skills and insights by implementing teaching practice. That is teaching in as-school according to our department. I had the opportunity to teach at Malacapa Elementary School, in grade 6 with 43 students. The learning activities in this country begin at 07:15 until 16:20. The duration of learning per hour is 50 minutes, this is different from the time in Indonesia which applies 70 minutes each meeting. This makes me have to use the available time more effectively. The learning is conducted every Monday to Friday. As in Indonesia, which applies the 2013 curriculum, each school will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays. However, what is unique about the implementation of education here is that they carry out flag ceremonies every day, in contrast to the application in Indonesia which only holds the flag ceremony every Monday. This will further increase the love of the greater homeland. I get the opportunity to teach for two weeks, Monday to Thursday. As for Friday, students will be given a weekly test. The subject that I am teaching is English for Grade 6. And this is example of my lesson plan.
I.               OBJECTIVE
·        Students should be able to learn about pronoun agreement.
·        Constructing  sentences using pronoun agreement.
II.            CONTENT
Pronoun Agreement
Powerpoint Presentation
a.       Review
·        Asking students about the latest learning, it’s about personal pronouns.
·        Presenting the lesson about pronoun agreement.
b.      Motivation
Learning together and making sentence using pronoun agreement.
c.       Presentation
·        The teacher will discuss about the pronoun agreement, and give examples reagrding pronoun agreement.
·        The teacher will provide an explanation about kinds of pronoun.
d.      Modelling
·        The teacher provide an explanation the singular and plural antecedent.
·        The teacher will give examples and guide the  pupils  to make their own sentence using pronouns.
·        The teacher will prepare examples, and guide the pupils to identify the appropriate  pronoun in each sentences.
e.       Formative Assesment
Individual activity and discussion activity
f.        Aplication
·        Able to communicate well in daily living.
·        Daily conversation.
g.       Generalization
·        What is the definition of pronoun agreement?
·        What is the difference of singular agreement and plural agreement?
·        What are of the examples of personal agreement?
h.       Evaluation
DIRECTION: In each sentences below, choose the correct pronoun word agreement. If no error exists, choose “No change is necessary”.
1.      Either of these think books, by respected authors will have the answer to your research question in their many pages.
a.       His
b.      His or her
c.       Its
d.      No change is necessary
2.      The students have decided to eat at Tito’s Taco place, where they can order the special. Its discounts burrito and soda will satisfy hunger, and its cheap prices will help wallets!
a.       Her or she
b.      Its
c.       Their
d.      No change is necessary
3.      If people stopped to smell the roses, they might get stung by bees and have their allergies kick in to overdive!
a.       People
b.      He or she
c.       His or her
d.      No change is necessary
4.      Weaver Hill Hight has strange school colors. Their hot pink and bright yellow combination really stands out on the field.
a.       Its
b.      His
c.       His and her
d.      No change is necessary
5.      Sam is strong, and his buddies have just ordered their “upsized” meals.
a.       Her
b.      Him
c.       she
d.      No change is necessary
i.         Assignment
Make three sentence using singular agreement and two sentence plural agreement.
V.            REMARKS


Text Box: My students are so smart Text Box: This moment when practice teaching


In the school, I and my cooperating teacher, Maam Kristine Joy Pastor Guarino collaborated teaching with a buddy. I am helped also my buddy in school, Maam Zheny Arroho. Because she also practice teaching in Malacampa Elemantary School. I feel the ability to speak English in students here is good, because the Philippines applies English as the second national language after the Tagalog language. So I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to study and teach in this country.
Me and maam Guarino (my Cooperating Teachr), and Maam Zheny (my buddy)
And his photo when I, Maam Guarino, Maam Zheny, and my students together

And, as a final assignment because we have finished teaching, we were asked to make a portfolio. This portfolio describes our experiences and activities during the program, and teaching is at the core of this program. In my portfolio, I tell about my journey, my friends, buddy, Maam Judith whom we consider to be our Mother, and my learning and teaching experience while here. The program is closed with various series of events, one of which is dance offerings. The Indonesian students present the Saman dance from Aceh. Students from Thailand performed a dance too. And the collaboration of Indonesian and Thai students performed a chambe-chambe dance and sing of Bahay Kubo song which became our favorite song here.
               Every meeting must be farewell, but separation is not the end of everything, but we have another opportunity to learn more about many things. That's what reminded me and encouraged me. I have to be a successful person and hope that someday we will meet again. I always remember the message from one of my friends there, he said that don't say "Good bye", but say "See you next time". Then there is still hope we will meet again someday. I hope that through this program I can learn more and make myself a superior learner, become a professional teacher and can improve the quality of education in Indonesia.
Maraming Salamat Po
And this is my golden moment